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We know that you have other options, but we believe that consignment is the most fair and convenient way to sell used gear. We have an obligation to our consignors to sell their items for a fair price and return to them the value they deserve.

Consignors can skip the hassle of selling themselves: scheduling visits, inviting strangers to your home, negotiating prices, taking pictures, and creating posts. Your time is valuable. After you bring in your gear, you can sit back, relax, go on an adventure, and let us take care of the rest.



Buying local, used gear keeps items in the community instead of the dump while helping you get outside more or try new things without breaking the bank. We have an obligation to our consignors to sell their items for a fair price and return to them the value they deserve, AND we have an obligation to our customers to sell quality gear at reasonable prices.

This balance means that every item in the store has been vetted and priced fairly with both the consigner and the customer in mind. Our physical location gives you the opportunity to browse tons of items without the pressure or hassle associated with private sales.



  1. Bring your used but not abused outdoor gear, apparel, footwear, bicycles, skis, sports equipment, pet accessories, etc. into the store. All items must be in clean, functional condition.

  2. We'll look through your stuff and let you know what we think would sell well here. If we reject an item, it's not your fault, we just want to be fair to you and let you do something else with it instead of having it sit in our store for a long time without selling.

  3. If it's your first time consigning with us, we'll ask you to fill out a new account contract. There is a $5 setup fee that can be paid up front or applied to your first sale. If this isn't your first rodeo, then just give us your name and we'll find your account.

  4. We will then process your items: add them to your account, print and attach price tags, and display them on the sales floor.

  5. When an item sells a portion of the sale goes to your account, and a portion goes to the store. Here's how that breaks down:

  6. Call or stop by the store any time to check the balance of your account or request a check. Balances can also be applied to future purchases.

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